Graphic Design

General Design Rate

$80/hr (1/2 hour minimum)

Logo Design


Note: Prices are for design work only. Contact me for a printing quote.

Website Design

$75/hr plus the cost of stock photos ($2000 minimum)

Maintenance $75/hr.


Travelling Fee

20ยข per mile (to and from destination)

Session Fee

$50/hour (1/2 hour minimum)

Retouched Digital Files

Digital files are saved as maximum quality JPEGs in the sRGB color space. RAW files will not be provided. I also do not provide unedited files for a discount or otherwise, as my processing technique is part of what makes my images special.

$20 each for the first ten

$2 for each additional


I prefer to sell only the digital files from which you can order your own prints with any number of printing services available locally or online. If you would prefer I handle this for you, contact me for a printing quote.

Example Scenarios

Scenario: Someone wants a single nice photo of their daughter in her graduation cap and gown. Travel distance is negligible.

Session Fee
$50/hr × 0.5 hours = $25.00
Digital Files
$20.00/file × 1 file = $20.00

Scenario: A family wants several shots of them together at an outdoor location about 15 miles away. The shoot takes two hours, and 24 photos are selected.

Travelling Fee
$0.20/mile × 15 miles × 2 = $6.00
Session Fee
$50/hr × 2 hours = $100.00
Digital Files
$20.00/file × 10 files = $200.00
$2.00/file × 14 files = $28.00

Scenario: A couple wants several hundred photos taken to document their special day at a location 25 miles away. The wedding and reception span a total of six hours.

Travelling Fee
$0.20/mile × 25 miles × 2 = $10.00
Session Fee
$50/hr × 6 hours = $300.00
Digital Files
$20.00/file × 10 files = $200.00
$2.00/file × 590 files = $1160.00



$5 each

Rush Charge

25% extra for less than 48 hours notice.

Returned Checks

A $25 fee will be assessed for bounced checks.


I can have your designs professionally printed and shipped to your door. Contact me for a quote.