A Little About the Artist

I was born and raised in the frigid interior of Alaska, where I took an interest in drawing at the ripe old age of three. By the third grade, I began developing my own cartoon characters and comic strips (which, as it turns out, were beyond awful—but I got better!). During my middle school years, I began getting occasional cash-paying design jobs from my teachers. I also tried selling some of my drawings to my classmates, but since middle schoolers tend to carry little more than the day's lunch money, this venture proved to be less than lucritive.

In addition to drawing, I had an affinity for computers from a very early age. I played a lot of video games on my parents' Apple II+ in glorious 4-bit color, and later purchased my own Apple II GS. It was with this machine I began combining my two favorite hobbies, artwork and computers. Armed with a copy of Paintworks Gold, I would spend hours meticulously reproducing photographs and frames from Calvin & Hobbes pixel by pixel. While other boys were trying out for sports, I was hunched in front of my monitor, dithering and anti-aliasing by hand from a palette of 16 colors.

In 1993, I began tinkering with Photoshop and Freehand. A flatbed scanner came shortly after, and for the first time, getting my own art into the computer became a means to do actual work, and not merely a novel end in itself.

For the next four years, I attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks, pursuing a degree in computer science. Why CS? The syllabus included a couple courses on computer graphics, and at the time it seemed like the closest thing to what I was looking for. It wasn't. Nevertheless, I completed my degree despite threatening to drop out halfway through the program, and got married shortly after.

To my dismay, I soon found that there wasn't much of a market for graphic design services in Alaska. Or anything else, for that matter. So my lovely wife and I packed up and moved to the Dallas, Texas area. Due to the switch to modern civilization, the opportunities the emerging internet provided for expanding my clientele, and the undeniable blessings from the Lord, things soon started to really pick up. Today, between my day job, my freelancing business, church, and time with my two three four adorable kiddos, I am one busy bee. If I had any time left for hobbies, they would be playing the clarinet, learning various languages, and drawing a comic strip.

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